Demilune console tables can potentially serve as one of the most important pieces of furniture in your entire home. This table is characterized by its semi circular shape and lowers than average table height. Additionally, the demilune table style often stands on three legs. While these pieces of furniture tend to be smaller than the average household tables, it actually in many homes can serve as the most prominent.

Why are demilune console tables so influential in making an overall impression of your house? The reason for this is that these tables more often than not are located in the front walkway or foyer. In other words, they are the first real substantial piece of furniture that your guests see upon entering your abode and also the last item they see upon exiting. It is imperative, then, to use care when picking out a demilune console table for your residence.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the design and style of these pieces of furniture. The smartest thing to do before venturing out to purchase one is to do a little online shopping, or browsing, in order to see the widest variety of tables for your time and convenience. Then, go see some tables in person at your local furniture warehouse or specialty independent furniture shop. Comparison shopping to find the best prices is always smart, but remembers, this item is one of the main focal points of your home. Don’t let price alone let you sacrifice the quality.

There are many different styles to choose from for your new table. Anywhere from rustic designs, to retro chic for the more eccentric type to elegant glass or mahogany tables are available in most furniture stores. Be sure, while shopping for your table, though, that you take into consideration the décor of your entire house. Remember, this item is the last thing guests see upon departing. You don’t want to leave them with a strange sense of unease just because the foyer demilune was an antique and the rest of the home’s décor was contemporary. Even if you can’t match the entire household’s furniture set completely, at least choose items that compliment each other in style. If you are shopping offline for your demilune piece, you may even think about carrying along with you photographs of your other room’s furniture. Not only will you be able to visualize your house’s interior in its new entirety but you can also ask the opinions of the design specialists at the various stores in which you shop.

So what do you do with the demilune furniture now that you have it? There are many options.

Use your imagination to mount a piece of artwork or mirror on the wall behind the table or place individual items, plants or picture frames on its surface. The front room or foyer’s crescent shaped table is also a great place for your keys. Consider selecting a model with a drawer or cabinet where you tuck your key ring away in a place that is hidden enough to prevent tackiness and convenient enough to remember every time you leave the house. Never lose your keys again with this designated drawer. This technique of keeping your keys in the same, reachable location day after day will save you time and frustration for years to come.