7 Budget Kitchen Decor Ideas

Despite what you may read in the trendiest kitchen design magazines, updating the look of your kitchen really does not require that your spend a lot of time and money. There are some simple and inexpensive ways to give your kitchen a brand new look.

Some small change here and there that you can make in your kitchen can still create a big effect on how your kitchen looks. You can get ideas about what you would like incorporate into your kitchen decorating and remodeling project from books, magazines, and internet sites dealing with kitchen design ideas.

There are 7 relatively low cost kitchen-decorating ideas to create a beautiful kitchen:

1. Replacing the cabinet doors and fronts. Then you can reface the remaining fixtures. This will greatly change the whole look and feel of your kitchen.

2. Painting your cabinets white and changing the hardware, such as knobs, handles, or pulls.

3. Using solid core MFD doors, which are medium density fiberboard or timber. They can be fitted to a solid door base. This type of door can be painted to create any look you may want.

4. Using color to renovate the kitchen is another example of inexpensive kitchen decorating. You can paint your walls and cabinets. When it comes to painting your existing cabinetry, you can use decorative finishes. Some examples are creating a distressed finish to add an aged look, and faux and glazed finishes. These are all simple to do and cost effective.

5. Another area of the kitchen you can easily update is the faucet and sink. It is possible to locate moderately priced sinks that can cost from $50 $300. They are also available in many colors, and styles. Porcelain, stainless steel, and acrylic are the materials that are available for sinks. For faucets, you will find that they are available in many styles and finishes, and depending on the type of faucet can range in price from $50 to $750.

6. Another great affordable idea in kitchen decorating is to add a kitchen island. Kitchen islands are great for adding more counter space to the kitchen and provide a gathering place. If you do not have enough money or space to add a permanent kitchen island, but would like to have the advantages of one, you might consider as an alternative getting a kitchen cart. A kitchen cart can have wheels for rolling around, as well as have drawers, shelves, and places to hang utensils. Because they are on wheels they can be cleared out the way.

7. If your kitchen-decorating budget is so small that you can only afford to remodel a small area of your kitchen you might consider adding a kitchen backsplash. A new kitchen backsplash can really dress up a drab, uninspiring kitchen. Kitchen backsplashes are available in so many different styles, colors, and materials. The materials used for backsplashes can include, wood, porcelain, natural stone, glass, stainless steel, and even wallpaper. The costs vary depending on the material you select.

So you can see that redecorating your kitchen can be a simple thing like changing the hardware on your existing cabinetry or painting the walls. Just one small change can do a lot to make your kitchen look brand new.

Five Things to Do Before Starting A Kitchen Design Project

In deciding on what to do in hiring a kitchen designer a well thought out plan is necessary for any kitchen design project to be successful. A good kitchen designer should be able to work with you to create the design that will both fit your desires and needs and that squares with your budget.

1. How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Level with the designer just how much you will be willing to spend on your kitchen design project. Let the designer know just what you would feel comfortable spending. This way you can insure that the designer and contractor will have a clear direction on where to go with the project and not go overboard. They will have a good idea of the limits when drawing up plans and selecting materials.

2. How Much Time Are You Willing To Devote?

You need to consider what your personal needs are and if you will be able to work around the necessary construction in your kitchen. By consulting with an experienced kitchen designer you can get a good idea of how long your kitchen design project will take by providing a timeline that your family can plan around.

3. What Style Are You Planning For Your Kitchen Design Project?

You want to give the kitchen designer as much information as possible. You need to do as much research as possible before your meeting with a kitchen designer. First you should consult with design magazines and catalogs to get an idea of what style and design elements you would like to see for your kitchen. To compile more ideas visit kitchen design showrooms, check out products and design on the internet and take notes. What are your likes and dislikes regarding color and styles. Make a scrapbook with clips from the magazines and catalogs, as well as examples of materials and design elements you would like to see in the kitchen. Use these to show the kitchen designer what your vision is for the new kitchen. Also bring a list of questions for your kitchen designer.

4. How Do You Use Your Kitchen?

You need to be prepared for questions that a kitchen designer will ask you when you first meet with him. Among the questions that you need to ask yourself before talking to your kitchen designer are: Will you be doing a lot of entertaining with family and friends? Is your family busy during the week with lots of activities? You should also fine out what other family members have in the way of ideas.

5. How To Prepare For Your Kitchen Design Project?

You will need to prepare for the disruption that will be caused by your kitchen design project. But with the right planning you can make the project run as smoothly and a quickly as possible. You need to make sure that the kitchen design project area and the living area are separate for both safety reasons and to stay out of the way of the contractor and his crew. You might have to set up a temporary kitchen in another room of the house. What time of the year you schedule a kitchen design project can make it easier on everyone since in the warmer months it is possible to eat and cook outdoors.

Demilune Console Tables - A Deep Dive

Demilune console tables can potentially serve as one of the most important pieces of furniture in your entire home. This table is characterized by its semi circular shape and lowers than average table height. Additionally, the demilune table style often stands on three legs. While these pieces of furniture tend to be smaller than the average household tables, it actually in many homes can serve as the most prominent.

Why are demilune console tables so influential in making an overall impression of your house? The reason for this is that these tables more often than not are located in the front walkway or foyer. In other words, they are the first real substantial piece of furniture that your guests see upon entering your abode and also the last item they see upon exiting. It is imperative, then, to use care when picking out a demilune console table for your residence.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the design and style of these pieces of furniture. The smartest thing to do before venturing out to purchase one is to do a little online shopping, or browsing, in order to see the widest variety of tables for your time and convenience. Then, go see some tables in person at your local furniture warehouse or specialty independent furniture shop. Comparison shopping to find the best prices is always smart, but remembers, this item is one of the main focal points of your home. Don’t let price alone let you sacrifice the quality.

There are many different styles to choose from for your new table. Anywhere from rustic designs, to retro chic for the more eccentric type to elegant glass or mahogany tables are available in most furniture stores. Be sure, while shopping for your table, though, that you take into consideration the décor of your entire house. Remember, this item is the last thing guests see upon departing. You don’t want to leave them with a strange sense of unease just because the foyer demilune was an antique and the rest of the home’s décor was contemporary. Even if you can’t match the entire household’s furniture set completely, at least choose items that compliment each other in style. If you are shopping offline for your demilune piece, you may even think about carrying along with you photographs of your other room’s furniture. Not only will you be able to visualize your house’s interior in its new entirety but you can also ask the opinions of the design specialists at the various stores in which you shop.

So what do you do with the demilune furniture now that you have it? There are many options.

Use your imagination to mount a piece of artwork or mirror on the wall behind the table or place individual items, plants or picture frames on its surface. The front room or foyer’s crescent shaped table is also a great place for your keys. Consider selecting a model with a drawer or cabinet where you tuck your key ring away in a place that is hidden enough to prevent tackiness and convenient enough to remember every time you leave the house. Never lose your keys again with this designated drawer. This technique of keeping your keys in the same, reachable location day after day will save you time and frustration for years to come.

Function & Form Of Sofa

This article explores the function and form of the sofa through the contemporary age and beyond. Sofas have many uses as we mould them to our intent as well as to our backsides. And it largely is a ‘we’ and not just an ‘I’. Sofas are for groups, and sofas define a group. We are the ones who use, and abuse, that sofa. Sofas are definitive: they define who we are and they define who we want to be.

The quickest way to lift a living room is to buy it a new sofa. It changes group dynamics. It changes groups. Your pack is defined afresh. Sofas make a design statement in the reception area of a customer-focussed company. The statement is of futuristic opulence: buy from us and this is the comfort you will be able to afford. ‘You’re worth it.’ Sofas have iconic status in western culture. Move over the Keeler chair with the naked model posed elegantly on view: that was the observer mode. Sofas are participation mode: we sit together. Sofas provide furniture for the post-modernist age, where responsibility for each other within the pack is key. “We relate therefore I am” is a reframed descartian idiom. Nonetheless, if you still ache after observer status, there are the sofa’s little sisters available: tub chairs or cubes where you can be cocooned or perch by yourself.

Pre-eminently, sofas receive each and every one of us as we return to base camp. Sofas know and celebrate who has membership of the group. This is the mission of the Simpsons as the series intro transcends the message of the episode to come. The Groening sofa has many guises, but it’s always there for the Simpsons pack. Sofas are for members of the family or extended family pack. There are many to choose from. Strangers used to be consigned to the parlour, now they are given, or choose, the solitary chair. Group members return at evening from their various daily activities. This may be the hunter-gather mode of profession, business, retail therapy or job seeking. Sofas are the place for the recovery/reflection mode as we renew our energies for the tomorrow.

Sofas prepare us for the next foray into action hero mode, hunter gatherer mode, or whatever your pack animals are into. Sofas slow you down. This is a serious function in our frenetic time-stretched lives. You climb into a sofa and finally out of it. As the sports car gets you low slung before speeding away and reviving your engine, the sofa slows you down and gets you low slung before relaxing your engine. Both sports car and sofa require grace as you consent to their embrace. The sofa may succeed of course in relaxing you completely such that sleep takes hold of you. If so, then let’s hope it’s a bongo couch you’re on.

What is Design?

The word ‘design’ is multifaceted. It can refer to plans, proposals or creative endeavors. Design surrounds us in every aspect of our life--homes, buildings, city planning, vehicles, art, theater, clothing, and toys. Even food has a design element, presentation. So, design is what makes anything functional, appealing and attractive. It has aesthetic functions that result from inspiration, research, and modeling.

To some the sense of design is ingrained in their genes, while others acquire a design sense through rigorous training.

The principles to be used will of course depend upon whether one is looking at architectural, automotive, computer or machinery design, which are scientific in nature and have different aims, or communication design, which is applied to advertisements, books, magazines, websites, and so on.

In the case of communication design, it must have a focal point, everything else being secondary. It must follow certain simple rules: the design must be simple and clutter free, it must represent clearly the theme or element for which it is in use, it must be functional and have a visual hierarchy. The size, color, texture, and types must be varied to create depth and contrast.

The keys are: alignment, proximity, repetition, and contrast. The spaces must create depth and the colors harmony. Good design is said to be 98% common sense.

Before a design is visualized, one must determine what it represents, its uses, the audience, the focus, and goals. Every design must portray emotion and imagination –it must draw the eye time and again to its center, and elicit a response and recall. Creativity, the ability to listen and comprehend what others have to say and absorb the very soul of the project concerned, are the qualities of a good designer.

Design straddles many worlds—philosophical, scientific, as well as creative. In each world, design, like a potter’s wheel, gives shape as well as functionality.

Balance Your Decor

Nowadays, the lack of time for decorating and its maintenance makes people look for something that can be done quickly and practically. However, even in this kind of situation personality is indispensable. The choice of material, furniture, accessories and right colors are great allies for those who want to make the interior environment more elegant and reflecting “the owner’s way of being.” Colors are fashion. This has become a key element of decoration.

Harmony and quality

The main concept in a design project for a house or apartment can be defined in just one word: harmony. Harmony among styles and elements that will be used, such as color, fabrics, fabric textures and right lighting – can increase the perceived value of your design project or, if used incorrectly, can ruin it completely. For example, you can set a modern architecture concept of interior design and mix the environments that you have with some classic pieces; or you can set a classic architecture concept of interior design and mix the environments with some contemporary elements. However, it is necessary to be careful.

For those who cannot hire a professional designer, it is very important that he or she knows how to get good quality design. The key is to avoid the use of too many colorful elements and strong colors. “Using only one color tone in the environment it will be almost impossible to make it wrong,” according to many interior designers. But what is the meaning of matching in an interior design project? Interior design is like fashion: everything can be used according to the taste of each person. There are not too many rules. The first principle is to start from the architecture style of the house, after which the interior design can be defined. For instance, it is worthless to have a very contemporary house and use many classic elements inside its environments. You have to follow the style of the house. However, to have one or another older piece in a modern residence brings a different and beautiful combination to the decoration.

The wall

It doesn’t matter if it is a painting, picture, sculpture or a poster with your preferred superhero. When disguising the wall, everything can do good or bad, depending on the dose, the distribution, the lighting and the position. The walls of residences of people with more contemporary style receive, more and more giclees from pop art. Icons of this movement, including Americans Andy Warhol (1928-1987) and Roy Liechtenstein (1923-1997), inspire copies and their masterpieces have been reproduced on a large scale. With colorful draws, the ideal would be to hang them on more bright walls.

As a first commandment, the experts say that the masterpiece should mean something for the owner. Big pictures need to be alone in the wall. Two or more of medium size can be hung side by side. And many small pictures, making geometric figures, are very welcome.

Choosing Fabrics

The texture of fabrics varies but all of them add warmth and personality to a room. Many possibilities are available in decorating shops, making the work even easier by selling fabrics and papers in the same pattern. Traditionally, fabric was used to cover walls but has since given way to wallpaper, which is more practical and easy to use while carrying out the same function.

Here are ten helpful hints for choosing floor and wall covering fabrics to decorate your home:

1. Use fabrics to provide soundproofing in noisy rooms.

2. Curtains or blinds allow us to play with light.

3. Choose flooring like according to a room’s use.

4. Use tough floorings like marble, stone, or tiles where lots of people move about, especially if they have hard heels or dirty soles.

5. Use warm flooring like carpets or wood where you will walk barefoot.

6. Before choosing flooring, try and determine how it will look in the lighting of a room.

7. Take good care of your flooring to ensure it will last a long time.

8. Avoid paint in areas with heavy circulation. Tiles and marble are both washable and longer lasting.

9. When deciding on the flooring and the wall coverings remember just how much space they occupy and therefore how important they are.

10. Well-matched wall coverings and floorings can be mutually enhancing so it is best to select them at the same time.

Shopping For Sectionals

Have you ever had a sectional sofa in your home? If not you are in for a big surprise. The sectional sofa that you can decorate your family living area with is one that is going to complete your style. You can find a sectional sofa that is a solid color, stripes and even a sectional sofa that will be customized to match your drapes.

The sectional sofa is one that will be connected, connecting many seating areas in the home into one long area. The sectional sofa is one that can complete the home, giving all the family a place to sit, and that will be comfortable at the same time. Sectional sofas are now available for purchase online, and you can have them shipped directly to your home without delay. No need to go shopping and waste your gas, you can look at, review the photos, and find the materials that are going to meet your every expectation online.

The sectional sofa of your dreams can be found online. What you need to do is measure the wall where you are going to be putting the sectional sofa. The measurements will be how long of a space you have. The space should match the size of the sectional you are purchasing. What you need to be careful of is that you have wall that is just eight foot long, and the sofa is ten foot long. Measure and re-measure so you are sure that the couch is going to fit along the wall where you want it to fit. The sectional sofa is one that can be connected to a centerpiece that will then connect to another portion of the couch.

You can purchase a sectional couch that will be six feet, eight foot, ten feet and even up to sixteen feet long if you would like. Sectional sofas are designed to save space, and to create a huge feeling in that living space that you are decorating. Avoid using additional couches, love seats or additional recliners with the sectional sofa that you purchase so you are maximizing your space in that living area. The living area that you want to decorate is going to be complete with the use of an end table or a corner table of the same type of material. You can often times purchase the corner table or the coffee table at the same time if you would like.

The Atrium Home Design

One common dream is to buy some land and build a home on it. You’ve found the perfect plot, and now you’re wondering about different styles of homes. Here are some alternative designs to get the creative thoughts flowing.

A very unique home design is the atrium home. An atrium home is designed to emphasize an open middle area, not an exterior appearance. If you’ve been to Europe, you’ve seen this design in larger cities. You’ll be walking down a street lined with bland looking windows. You pop into one of the buildings to find a bathroom and it is like entering another world. The exterior of the building is no great shakes, but the interior is a slice of atrium heaven with an open area covered in a lattice or left wide open. The interior is a collection of sitting areas and plants.

Taking the design to its full scope, the home is designed…underground. The design can be done in a variety of ways, but it is built below ground to take advantage of geothermal concepts. The primary idea is to use the constant temperature of the ground to regulate the climate in the home. The top of the roof is flush with the level of the ground and everything else is below level. For practicality, picture an oasis in the desert, but dug into the ground. In these modern times, the below ground design has some excellent energy options. You can put solar panels across the top of the roof to generate power and most people will be none the wiser. By being out of the wind, you also cut down on wasted energy.

Going below ground with your atrium home is a pool of creative opportunity. As long as you take care of drainage issues, the design parameters are pretty much wide open. When space is at a premium or privacy is vital, atrium homes are often the answer. In a large city, an atrium design can help you create an oasis from the noise and madness of daily life.

Add a Touch To Your Home With An Accent Table

If you are looking to add a little detailed touch to any room, accent tables will do just that. Using these would be a great idea for your small space. There are various types of small accent tables. These tables are a great way to enjoy your space and display your odd items or lamps all at the same time. You can find these accent tables in basically any shape or size to fit your needs.

Before you begin your search, you should make a very long and thoughtful decision on what look you are going for in your room of choice. You should know before hand what motif your room décor is going to be. For example, is it going to be antique, new age, country, or possibly themed.

These are many choices that will decide what type of small accent tables you will be choosing for your room. There are various types of wood that small accent tables are available in such as bamboo, cherry, mahogany, oak, or maple.

Perhaps you are going for the country look and only want flat wood with flat paint; that can be arranged as well. Small accent tables are sold individually or by the set. The sets sometimes come in twos or threes and each may vary in size or they all could be the same size, the choice is yours. The sizes range from tall, medium, and short. The shapes range from a drum shape to an oblong shaped accent table. Depending on the design that you have for your room, this will also determine what design and size of small accent table you will be wanting to place in that small space.

If you are going for the open and airy look, you may choose a rectangular cocktail table to place in your room. This type of small accent table gives a room a feeling of openness and cleanliness, with glass tabletops and wiry frame with a small wooden base to give some definition to it. These types of small accent tables coordinate in many situations. If you are looking for a more antique look you could venture towards something that is aged or at least looks as if it is aged. Small accent tables that have carved aprons and post medallions are a great choice for the antique look.

Maybe you would like a deep dark wood that has great carved detail into it and look as if it sat in a plantation home a hundred years ago. You could even go with a game style accent table that includes the game pieces. This gives your room a special uniqueness to it as well as display a very beautiful piece of furniture. If you are looking for storage in your small accent tables so that you can hide phone books, cigars, lighters, or pretty much anything that you really do not want everyone to see.

There are many types of small accent tables to suit your needs in any area. The choice is yours and you have many of them.